Aussie Precast Products (Formerly PnP Precast)

Miller pursues the objective to provide cost effective and prolonged precast concrete building solutions, either in the agricultural, commercial or residential market. Harper Precast manufactures and installs concrete septic tanks to meet exact technical specs, requirements, and industry expectations. Concrete tanks are heavy, but that's not a problem for Harper Precast. A concrete fish tank is simple and straightforward to set up. Following the area is cleared, our equipment and expert installers place the tank with detail. Our line of septic, cistern and pump tanks are available in a wide range of sizes to fit the bill, and are made to provide long-term value, and satisfaction for containment of septic storage space.
This abstract is a short summation of the referenced standard. It is informational only and not an official part of the standard; the full text of the standard itself must be described for its use and application. ASTM does not give any guarantee express or implied or make any representation that the contents of the abstract are correct, complete or current.concrete septic tank risers for sale
The pre-cast wall surfaces can be sturdy or insulated and are ideal for both local house structures & agricultural shed complexes. Our septic tanks & BioKast wastewater treatment systems come in a range of sizes to suit all domestic houses and bigger applications. Our rainwater harvesting systems also come in a variety of sizes. Petrol & petrol interceptor tanks can be produced to your specification. Our effluent tanks & water tanks are available from 150 gallons up to 4000 gallons. All our septic tanks are EN 12566-1 qualified and our BioKast P10 system is EN 12566-3 certified. Cattle Slats & Tractor Slats can be purchased in sizes from 7'6” - 16'6”. The Precast cubicle beds are available in single or double type. All our cattle slats, pig slats & effluent tanks are grant approved. Please contact us if you want further information on any of our products.
Do the assertions regarding leaky tanks stem from the actual fact that precast concrete tanks have bones in them? Certainly they have been criticized because they are doing have bones where leakage into or out of the tanks at the bones could occur. Luckily, specially made sealants are readily available that provide a trusted, long-term method of preventing normal water from moving through the joint. So because precast concrete tanks have joint parts does not imply they all leak.
Precast concrete building components and site amenities are being used architecturally as fireplace mantels, cladding, cut products, accessories and curtain surfaces. Structural applications of precast cement include foundations, beams, floors, surfaces and other structural components. It is vital that all structural aspect be designed and examined to withstand both the tensile and compressive lots that the member will go through over its lifespan.

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